Website Rankings or Digital Marketing?

Is there really a difference between website rankings and digital marketing for a business to drive online traffic?

If I have a website, prospects will find me – right?

You are probably not going to be found if you are counting on people to find your site on their own. If you have some brand recognition, you could possibly get some traffic from people specifically looking for you. However, if you have not run a SEO campaign to rank your site high in searches for your products or services, it is not likely to get found. Approximately 70% of clicks go to the top 3 listings on the first search results page so, if you are not on page 1 of searches, chances are slim that someone makes the effort to look farther down in their search to find you.

My website ranks at the top of the search results- have I done all I can?

Not at all. A ranked website is just one part of a lead generation empire. Local businesses can have many properties that rank in the search engines in addition to their website- directory listings (think Yelp), social properties (like Facebook), videos, press releases and high domain authority blog posts, to name a few. Multiple properties create multiple opportunities for prospects to find your business.
Having multiple properties also reduces the risk of relying on only one property and counting on not getting caught up in a Google algorithm update at some point. Regional and national businesses have additional properties to put into play such as video sites or wiki sites.

How can Social Media platforms help drive me new business?

Social sites can sometimes be ranked for local businesses and they also drive leads through content generation and syndication. It is good to build your audience on the different social media platforms, but the real power comes when content is syndicated out to thousands or tens of thousands of like-minded people.

What is a blog and why would I need one?

A blog can power your entire marketing system. You have a unique message you want the world to hear and a blog is the tool to make this happen.

Many blog writers take the “write it and hope someone will read it” approach. That usually nets you a few friends and family members but not much more. The next step is to syndicate your blog content to your own platforms.

Our digital marketing agency moves even further beyond that with a proprietary syndication system to create a massive broadcast channel originating from your website. Not only does this widen your audience, your site also gains authority and traffic in return.

What is the difference between rankings and digital marketing?

This can be interesting to answer since the answer often depends on who you are asking. Of course, rankings are rankings- fairly self-explanatory. Many digital marketers talk about overall marketing when they are actually focused on rankings. Digital marketing done right will evaluate your whole online market and create a comprehensive plan to build an evergreen online lead generation system. This includes ranking a website but obviously involves so much more such as:

  • What are the keywords that provide the best ROI?
  • How should the website be structured to meet the keyword targets?
  • How many pages and articles need to be created to rank?
  • What will the cost be to create the content and syndicate it?
  • How long will it take to get a ROI?
  • What Social Media properties are needed and how often are posts needed?
  • What other properties are needed to support the main site and provide additional leads? Video sites? Micro-sites? Wiki sites?
  • How are conversion rates increased on money properties?

Digital marketing involves researching an online market to create a digital blueprint and begin building an online empire of perpetual lead generating properties to feed your business growth. As Digital Marketing and Winston SEO consultants, we specialize in market research and SEO architecture to plan and guide your online market domination.


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