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The internet is an incredible place.

When you want to FIND something, it’s fascinating, informative and delightful. You find pictures, videos, thoughts, activities and information. You win friends and influence people. You feel connected.

When you want to BE FOUND, the internet feels quite different. It’s mystifying, unyielding and frustrating. You want people to find your business online but you can’t make it past page 2 in the search results and nobody tells you the rules of the game and it wouldn’t matter if they did because they constantly change then you realize there might not be any rules after all.

Call us crazy but we happen to like it like that.

We’ve seized the market opportunity to excel while others walk away in disappointment.

We like challenges.

Puzzling out what your business needs to grow online, making the most of what you have, efficiently creating what you don’t have and rolling with it.

We enjoy seeing growth in a business we care about.

We have over 75 years of experience in business, systems, technology and marketing (nope, we’re not old, we’re oldER. And WISER.) We’ve worked in other companies- budgets, bosses, business demands and all- and we’ve run our own. We’ve been where you are.

We geek out on understanding the technical minutia needed to move a business up in searches.

Tracey is our connector– people, information, processes. Her Master’s in Industrial/Organizational psychology gets a workout whether she’s choosing ‘buyer intent’ language, researching the intricacies of Google Rank Brain or talking with you about your business goals.

Todd is our ‘mad scientist of SEO’ but there’s more to him than the programming he’s done since his teens. As plant manager for a privately-owned manufacturer, he took a product from zero to 80-90% of the North American market. Experienced in Lean Manufacturing and Quality, he brings a LOT to the table that most in our industry can’t touch.

Gary is an impressive mind to have on your side. With years of experience, Gary thinks strategically on what will work for growing your business. This focused understanding of markets and opportunities informs the decisions we make to help your business grow.

Our Advantages

We like collaboration.

We are a boutique agency that gets results.

We know what works, what doesn’t and won’t waste your time.

National advertising agencies turn to us because of our specific skillsets.

We care about our clients and take pride in being good partners!

How can we help you?

Our Team

Tracey BrowningChief Executive Officer
Todd BrowningChief Technology Officer
Gary SmithDirector of Sales & Marketing