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Reputation Marketing

Managing your reputation is nothing new. Savvy business people have been doing it for as long as business has existed.
What IS new is how your reputation spreads.

The internet has radically changed the way people discover, shop and share.
Folks ”google” you, research online reviews and check with their friends on Facebook
instead of looking in the Yellow Pages.
In the new digital world, information spreads easily and unbelievably fast.

You cannot leave your online reputation to chance.

A 2011 Cone study revealed four out of five consumers have changed their mind
about a purchasing decision when they viewed negative information online.

Misleading, inaccurate or negative links in YOUR search results can shrink your wallet.
Can you afford to lose that much new business to your competition?

To begin to manage your reputation, you want to find any mentions of you and your business on the web.
Data sources to monitor include business listing sites, directories, review sites, blogs, media sites
and social media platforms. How are you currently monitoring what dissatisfied clients, ex-employees
or even competitors are saying about you online? We offer services that will monitor and alert you
of any mentions so you can read all the details and respond accordingly.

Once you have a handle on what’s being said and where, you can begin proactively building your positive reputation.
Ask for reviews, publish your own positive press, make your voice heard so when someone looks for you, they find the BEST you possible. This isn’t a “once and you’re done” situation- this is an ongoing process. It takes time and effort but it’s worth it– it’s YOUR reputation.

Our reputation marketing services help you look your best when others search for you.
We promote positive, accurate information about you and your business. You don’t have to be at the mercy of one unhappy person or the whims of Google. Inaccurate info is corrected and damaging content will have much less impact.
We put all the puzzle pieces together for you.

Take control of your reputation and GROW YOUR BUSINESS.