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What is Native Advertising?

You use a search engine like Google to bring you the info you want-
native advertising uses content discovery engines to bring you the info you didn’t even know you wanted.

Native advertising is displayed in the natural form and function of the platform where it appears. It blends into the user experience.
We use the leading content discovery platform devoted to high-quality content distribution. Links to your content appear as recommendations on the web’s largest content publishers including sites like Wall Street Journal, Reuters, CNN, Slate, Fast Company, Rolling Stone, &

Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company, being in front of the right audience at the right time means:

  • you’re driving high quality traffic to your site
  • building your audience exposure
  • increasing pageviews
  • driving new sales leads
  • increasing conversions

How does native advertising work?
A complex set of algorithms aims for the most interesting and relevant links for each individual reader on every page. The more interesting your content and the more traffic you drive, the more you will be recommended around the web.

Content is accepted on a case-by-case basis and covers nearly every vertical from technology, fashion, business, politics, literature, and science. Some examples of content types we can use are:

  • Editorial articles or blog posts
  • Videos
  • Earned media and positive reviews
  • Slideshows
  • Mobile-optimized content

Consumers look at native ads 52% more than traditional banner ads. Source:

When you’re on a major social site like Facebook, you see these ads comfortably situated between your co-worker’s dinner plans and a picture of your best friend’s new baby. Twitter has promoted tweets and LinkedIn shows sponsored updates. They don’t appear as “salesy” (even though a subdued label identifies them as sponsored) since they look like the content you’re accustomed to seeing on the site. More people look at them which naturally leads to more of your prospects clicking through.

By using native advertising, you can significantly increase your ability to connect with fans AND potential customers. An intriguing photo and a great headline tickle the curiosity of your audience. When it leads to content that’s informative, inspiring or entertaining — those folks you’ve paid to reach will often quickly share your info with THEIR friends.

Many of the social platforms also offer a high degree of audience customization so you can precisely target audience characteristics such as interests, gender or geographic location.

Deliver your most relevant ads to the right prospect at the right time.